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Toddler Toys & Puzzles, Age 1-2 years +


Been Looking For Safe Toddler Toys?
Ever feel like all the best toys say "3 and up"? We have focused a lot of energy on finding great heirloom-quality wooden toys that have been safety-tested and created especially for toddlers and young children under three years old. Kids in this age group put a lot of things in their mouths, and can sometimes be a little rough on toys as well. Besides being developmentally and educationally valuable, the toys and puzzles on these "Toddler" pages do not have any small parts that could pose a choking hazard, and are tough enough to stand up to toddler play time.

Our Toddler pages feature lots of products recommended for children between 12 months and 3 years of age* (be sure to see our Baby Toys section for children 12 months and under):

  • In Toddler Toys you will find classic and innovative wooden toys and blocks by Melissa and Doug, Plan Toys, Educo, Grimm's Spiel & Holz and more. We have a wide variety of child-safe developmental toddler toys including stacking, sorting and pounding toys, wooden push and pull-along toys, rhythm and musical instruments, wooden blocks and Waldorf-inspired colorful and natural wood stacking puzzles, boxes and bowls from Germany. Once you are in the toddler toys area, you may click a link on the right to "Narrow your search" to one of these smaller sub-categories if you wish.
  •  In Toddler Puzzles you will find wooden peg puzzles, sound puzzles, knob puzzles, chunky and block puzzles, inlay puzzles, fuzzy/textured puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and cube puzzles. These puzzles range in difficulty, but all are safe and developmentally appropriate for children in this age group. On the toddler puzzles pages, you will see "Narrow your search" links on the left if you are looking for a particular type of puzzle.

*Note: Age-appropriateness is based on each manufacturer's recommendation and varies by product. See the detailed description of each product for more specific information.

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